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Halloween Parties and Parade are on October 30th

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November 11th is our Veterans' Day Celebration starting at 10:30am. The community lunch is at 11:00am

Busy Week Ahead!

We have a busy week ahead of us as we prepare for the book fair and for our annual Fall Fest.  It will also be a busy week in the classroom: 6/7 ELA: We’re starting the week with our test on Nouns and then we’ll quickly move into our unit on verbs.  The verb unit is considerably longer and we will spend 2-3 weeks mastering correct verb usage. 6 GEO: We’ve begun our unit on the world’s . . . read more

Candy Bar Sales!

 The CGS 8th Grade Annual Fannie May Candy Bar sale has begun with a bang!  Students (and parents) have already sold nearly 1,000 candy bars!  Proof that Fannie May candy bars are wonderful and possibly life changing though we have no real proof of that!  Students are selling milk chocolate ,   crisp rice . . . read more

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Cold & Flu Season is Here

The cold weather has brought the start of cold and flu season early to Cornell. Please take precautions at home by having students wash their hands and keeping surface areas sanitized. It is advisable to have students change clothes when they arrive home to help prevent family members from exposure. Students who have been ill need to . . . read more

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