School Board

School Board of Education Members Consolidated Election - April 2, 2019

For the upcoming election in April, our school board will have three vacancies to be filled. If you are interested in running, please refer to the document below for details on how to file a petition with the County Clerk's office. 

School Board Election Information

Communicating with the School Board

The Cornell Board of Education has adopted the policy that staff members, parents, and community members should submit questions or communications to the School Board through the Superintendent.    

Except in unusual circumstances, Board members who are contacted individually will refer the person to the appropriate channel of authority to resolve problems or to answer questions.  The Board and administration recognize that it is preferable for issues concerning a student to first be discussed between the student or parent and the teacher.  When possible, that is the avenue through which both the Board and administration will direct parents in dealing with a problem. 

Board of Education Duties

The District is governed by a Board of Education which is comprised of 7 members.  The Board has the authority to adopt and enforce all policies that are necessary for the management and governance of the district schools.  The powers and duties of the Board are enumerated in the laws of the State of Illinois.  The Board functions within the framework of those laws, as well as, court decisions, directives and rules of the Illinois State Board of Education, and mandates from the state and federal government.

Official decisions of the Board can only be reached at Board meetings.  Individual Board members or groups of Board members do not have authority to speak for the Board or make out-of-meeting commitments on behalf of the Board unless directed to do so.

Livingston County School Facilities Sales Tax

The County School Facilities Sales Tax represents the first shift away from relying on property taxes for local school district funding in Illinois. The county sales tax for schools is a new approach toward maintaining and improving schools, support local jobs and shift funding away from property taxes across Livingston County. The April proposal asks voters to decide on a countywide, one-cent sales tax utilized only for school facilities. The revenue from this sales tax will fund school improvements without increasing property taxes. The sales tax is for one cent on every dollar spent on qualifying retail purchases.